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BREAKING | Have scientists accidentally created a lightsaber?

Spotted on The Daily Mail UK:

Have scientists accidentally created a lightsaber? New form of matter discovered that has only ever been used in science-fiction

  • Molecule behaves like lightsaber by moving photons around in a solid mass
  • Discovery made after light particles were blasted through rubidium atoms
  • The finding could help drive the development of quantum computing
  • May lead to creation of 3D structures, such as crystals, wholly out of light

Scientists have accidentally discovered a completely new form of matter that works in the same way as the lightsabers used in Star Wars.

A team of physicists were messing around with photons when they managed to get the particles to stick together and form a molecule. The molecule behaves, they claim, just like a lightsaber by moving the light particles around in a solid mass and is unlike any matter seen before. The discovery, reported in Nature, was made by Harvard physics professor Mikhail Lukin and MIT physics professor Vladan Vuletic after they blasted photons through a cloud of rubidium atoms.

‘What it will be useful for we don’t know yet, but it’s a new state of matter, so we are hopeful that new applications may emerge as we continue to investigate these photonic molecules’ properties,’ he said.

Credits:Daily Mail UK

Lol, upon hearing the news, netizens are going like this:

Of course, not sure whether it’s true or not. Lol ~_~

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