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Failed Marriage Proposal Inside a Mall

Spotted on The Daily Mail UK:

Does THAT answer your question? Marriage proposal ends in disaster when man’s would-be bride clumps him round the head with a busker’s ukulele 

If you’re seriously considering proposing to your loved one in public, you might just want to watch this video first.

Indian proposing in mall FAIL!

Too lazy to watch? Here’s the GIF below (and more pictures):

A hapless romeo gets down on one knee to ask his girlfriend to marry him, but she clumps him around the head with a busker’s ukulele. The cringeworthy video, shot in a shopping mall in Dubai, shows the man, described as an ‘Indian teen’, and the girl walk up to a group of buskers.

‘You are my charm, you are my sweety pie, you are my cutie pie, my absolute everything, and I know you find this cheesy but I want everyone to know, you make me really happy.’

As a crowd gathers things start going badly for the man when a toy town-style mall train drives past, breaking the mood and the embarrassed girl mutters ‘Oh my god everyone’s watching.’

Undaunted the man  continues: ‘I have a little poem for you and I want everyone to hear this. When you smile, the whole world stops and stares for a while. And my heart ceases to beat and there is nothing else I seek except you.’

As he gets down on one knee the girl begs him to stop but he continues: ‘And I Just have one question for you. You truly make me that happiest person on earth.’

But the girl simply cannot take anymore and she snatches the miniature guitar out of the hands of one of the buskers and whacks her suitor round the head with it sending him to the floor in a crumpled heap. She then throws the instrument onto the ground and and storms off.

Read more: Daily Mail UK

Before you go awww.. sorry to burst our bubble but apparently – this actually staged by non other than..

Cadbury for their latest product:

  • Cadbury Bournville (Fine Dark Chocolate): Not So Sweet

And how do you know that?

Well, 2 things gave it away in the ‘staged’ proposal mentioned by unbelted.net:

1. Bournville makes the first appearance in the failed proposal video when a toy train blocks the view between the camera and the poor Indian guy. And what’s the branding on the train? 


Yeah, Cadbury Bournville – Not So Sweet

2. The second appearance is pretty subtle and comes towards the end of the video when the poor Indian guy is hit by the ukulele and falls on the floor. The lady shooting the entire sequence says, “Are you okay? I really thought it was sweet.” 

So what do you think? A marketing gimmick or it was the real thing?(:

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