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Introducing… Pepsi Flavored Cheetos!

Spotted on Daily Mail UK:

What DOES a cola-flavored crisps taste like? PEPSI flavored Cheetos released 

Pepsi flavored Cheetos exist.

That’s right, you read correctly. Pepsi-flavored Cheetos are a thing.But they are only on-sale in Japan. Officially named ‘Pepsi Shuwa Shuwa,’ the snacks will not be sold in the US, according to a Frito-Lay spokesperson.

Reactions online have ranged from amusement and disgust to one person professing their love for the strange snack. In a country known for having strange food, the cola flavored snacks named after the sound of carbonation are getting mixed reviews.

Gentei Snacks Episode 6: Pepsi Cheetos

*I LOL-ed at the guy’s reaction upon tasting them

The nouveau Cheetos actually smell like Pepsi, according to multiple online reviews such this one by The Impulse Buy, and reveal what a naked Cheeto would like if stripped of all its cheese.

If pictures are worth a thousand words, the look on the face of one taste-tester on YouTube was priceless.

Oh, that’s so weird,’ the reviewer immediately said with a confused look on his face as he reached back into the bag for a second helping, almost in disbelief of what he was eating.

Explaining the texture is ‘basically a Cheeto,’ the disappointed snack enthusiast said ‘I’m not gonna say it tastes good.’ Laughing incredulously, he described a carbonation sensation on the tongue similar to Pop-Rocks ‘you can feel the carbonation as you’re eating the corn snacks, it’s really weird.’

Calling the Frito Lay-Pepsi collaboration ‘interesting,’ the reviewer says that soda-flavored Cheetos are considered ‘crazy’ even by most of his colleagues.

Retailing for only a few hundred yen in Japan, the snacks can be bought on eBay for varying prices ranging all the way up to almost $50, as part of an assortment of other weird snacks.

‘Amazing Pepsi flavored Cheetos… they’re yummy,’ tweeted one person, complete with a picture of her new favorite snack.
‘I think I just threw up in my mouth,’ tweeted another person.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2395386/Pepsi-flavored-Cheetos-released-mixed-reviews–Japan.html#ixzz2cA3UOQ21

Would you try these Pepsi Flavored Cheetos/Pepsi Shuwa Shuwa if you have the chance?

I know I would..but when I checked out the prices on Ebay..it’s crazy!
The prices range from like $20 – $200 for a packet of them! @_@

Ah well 🙁

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