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Just a Gentle Reminder..

Spotted on my Facebook newsfeed from my friends sharing this photo:

I (Adrian Tee) was at Adam Road food centre when I saw this old uncle bent with age and walking with very shaky legs and hands struggling to clean the toilet sink (barely). Filled with sadness at the sight all I could think of at the moment was to tell him “Uncle, thank you for your good work” (in Mandarin) and a small gift of $10.

He looked at me and smiled tiredly and continued his work. Outside I saw his belongings in a small metal tin (some cigarettes and a bottle of medicated oil). Perhaps we could all consider imparting some words of encouragement (and if circumstances permit a small token of appreciation) for this good man if we happen to be in the area.

Credits:Adrian Tee Facebook

I was really touched by Adrian’s gesture of kindness and goodwill. This also serves as a gentle reminder to care and spare a thought for others/elders instead of ourselves in this fast paced moving world. Thank you Adrian for reminding me.

Quoting from Adrian:

 I was kind of hoping we could share this around so that anyone who happens to be at Adam Road (in the morning) could show our support. I’ve seen old cleaners but he was in exceptionally bad shape and he appeared to be almost falling at times when walking.

We can’t help everyone of them but perhaps we could start with one…

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Also, you know..you don’t really have to give monetary/financial help, but instead, you can always treat this old uncle to a nice cup of kopi right?(:

Till later,
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