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A Dog’s Loyalty // 追車狗真相

Tell me honestly, after watching the video below – what will you think?

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Like many, I initially thought that the dog’s owner abandoned him and thus, he was chasing after his owner all the way. And to be honest, because I thought that way – I cried almost the entire video from start to the end. The dog’s unwavering loyalty and determination to it’s owner even after being abandoned is just so touching!


The reason why I say so is because I did my research on this incident..and realized that, actually, the dog is a stray! The Hong Kong media tracked down the owner of the car plate – MA 7571 who revealed the real story as seen below:




Credits: Sharp Daily Hong Kong

Translation (May be a little wrong):

The owner of this car – Wu Shu (伍叔) owner of the car plate MA 7571 tells the story of the dog in the video, whose name is Xiao Bai (小白).

Basically, he suspected that Xiao Bai (小白) was abandoned 3 to 4 years where he met a dog called Wang Cai (旺財). These two good buddies will always go to this particular carpark (入富泰停車場) to look for food scraps. Wu Shu (伍叔) says that he usually goes there to feed the stray dogs so that’s probably how they met.

Xiao Bai (小白) and Wang Cai (旺財) are extremely close, and every time after Wu Shu (伍叔) will feed them, the 2 dogs will chase him from the carpark to the entrance of the village to see him off.

Unfortunately, Wang Cai (旺財) died this year in February 2013, and  Xiao Bai (小白) was left alone with only Wu Shu (伍叔) to depend on – and to him, his only friend. So it is presumed that Xiao Bai (小白) transferred all his affections to Wu Shu (伍叔). Even after Wang Cai (旺財)’s death, Xiao Bai (小白) continuously follows the same routine of chasing Wu Shu (伍叔)’s car from the carpark to the entrance of the village to see him off.

Lastly, Wu Shu (伍叔) says that he is unable to adopt Xiao Bai (小白) – (no reason stated) 🙁

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3 Comments on “A Dog’s Loyalty // 追車狗真相

  1. Hi my name is Karena. This video really broke my heart, I spent hours trying to find out who it was the poor beautiful loyal dog was and who was driving the car it was running after. As I couldn’t sleep or settleas the iimage kept running through my head. You said that he couldn’t adopt the dog, but do you know if the dog is okay? Or if it has a home and someone to love cherish and look after it ? Please let me know I would really appreciate it. Many thanks Karena.

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