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The Mayans Prediction – 122112 Doomsday

Just 5 more minutes till 21st December 2012 here in Singapore.

Will Doomsday really come?

But the Mayans’ supposed Doomsday has already been proved wrong as that apocalyptic date has arrived in New Zealand and Australia, where it’s already Friday, and the world hasn’t ended.

According to scholars, though, the Mayans never actually said the world would end on Dec. 21. Rather, it’s just the end of their calendar and the beginning of a new one, like a reset.

Also, earlier this year, Mayan astronomy scholar Anthony Aveni of Colgate University co-authored a paper that claimed another version of the Mayan calendar was found dating back 1,200 years — and included a time span longer than 6,000 years, suggesting Earth will be around for quite a while.

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Well I jolly well hope that Doomsday isn’t tomorrow – or rather, today because I still have so many unfulfilled wishes and things to do!

1. I want GlamPuss to be successful

2. I want to be a successful blogger (;p)

3. I want to go on a holiday with the bf – ANYWHERE

And so much more!

I’ll be rather pissed if the world were to end seriously. Because so far, I haven’t really accomplished anything significant in my life either. Plus I only just graduated from university recently. So in other words, I’ve spent my life just STUDYING.

That’s just SAD!

But wow, some people are really taking Doomsday really seriously especially in China. Check out this headlines:

China Police Officer

Mayan apocalypse: China arrests nearly 1,000 doomsday ‘cult’ members

Nearly 1,000 people have reportedly been arrested during an ongoing Chinese crackdown on doomsday rumour-mongers, that may or may not end on December 21.

Read the FULL Story HERE!

Oh and then I was on Facebook, and I saw a news article about how a Singaporean has prepared for doomsday as well. Woah, kiasu to the max huh? But who knows?

Even though many Singaporeans may not think the world will end on Friday, some are already preparing themselves just in case.

Andrew Teo & Family // All Prepped for Doomsday

47-year-old public policy researcher Andrew Teo is one person who thinks it is better to be safe than sorry. The family man has already gathered enough supplies and tools to last him and his family a good six months.

“I have oil, water, canned food, milk powder, rice… my things are shoved everywhere around the house,” Teo said in an interview with Yahoo! Singapore on Tuesday.  Stockpiling essentials are crucial because if a disaster strikes, be it man-made or natural, there will be no stores or law and order to get necessities from, he adds.

And if he ever needs to leave the house, he has a pick-up truck that he plans to convert to be electricity independent.

Teo is what some people refer to as a disaster or doomsday “prepper”. He readies extensive emergency supplies and procedures in anticipation of a catastrophe. The end of the Mayan Calender and possible doomsday on earth has brought to light this trend.

While there may or may not be a disaster on Friday, the world’s end is imminent and soon, Teo believes, stressing that he is prepared for that eventuality.

Most Singaporeans though are not convinced it’s necessary. According to a survey by National Geographic, 79 per cent of Singaporeans are not prepared for a major catastrophe. 23 per cent don’t think any such disaster would really happen.

Read the full story: HERE

So what do you think?

Will there be a TGIF anymore? Let’s wait and see shall we?

Till Later,
♥ mitsueki

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