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Of KFC & Cheese

I’m sure most of us (some an exceptional few) love fast food right? It’s fast, cheap and sinfully good. Plus there are so many different fast food joints available worldwide such as Mcdonalds, Popeyes, Wendy’s & Burger King – to name a few.

Well, one of my favorite fast food joint is KFC! That’s because I love their chicken – BOTH the Original & Hot & Crispy recipe!

Original Recipe Chicken
Hot & Crispy Recipe Chicken

I’m not sure if the Hot & Crispy version is available worldwide or just limited to Singapore/Asia only. That’s because when I was in the States recently for a month, I’m not sure why.. but I didn’t really see any KFC outlets there. The majority fast food joints that I noticed were Mcdonalds, Wendy’s, Popeyes and the mom and pop shops. I can even recall that I only saw 2 outlets – There was one at the food court at the Fashion Show Mall in Vegas and one that I passed by somewhere near Route 66 along on my way to the Grand Canyon. Not sure why, but I really did want to try the Original Recipe chicken from the States to see the difference 🙁

Okay, sorry about sidetracking! Anyway, the MAIN thing that sets KFC apart from the other fast food outlets and the other MAIN reason why I love it so is because of….

KFC Cheese Fries


Cheese Fries: Delicious and creamy melted cheese, drizzled over golden fries, topped with mayonnaise and fresh spring onions – your prefect cheesy snack treat!


Looks GOOD? 

Well, you can only get them in Singapore at KFCMuhahahahahhahhahahahhahaa! 

Anyway, the boyfriend and I had KFC just last week because I developed a craving for KFC Cheese fries. So let’s have the rest of the pictures do most of the talking shall we?(:


So what’s on the tray is this:

1.  The 2 pcs Chicken Daily Savers Meal (Exchanged the colesaw and topped up for cheese fries)

2. Zinger Daily Savers Meal (Exchanged the colesaw and topped up for cheese fries / changed to Milo drink)

Original for myself(:
Zinger for the bf! LOL, looks NOTHING like the above burger yea?
Star of the day: CHEESE FRIES!
The bf

What’s he doing?
Picking out the spring onions from the cheese fries. He totally forgot to ask the person to remove it. ROAR. I hate spring onions!

After the bf’s tedious removal of YUCKY spring onions
Mix it together, and LET’S DIG IN!(:

Oops, hope you didn’t drool too much like I did when I looked at the pictures again! Hehe!~

Till Later,
♥ mitsueki

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