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The Giving Bunny Project // stuffsusiemade & Urbanthreads

Credits: Urbanthreads

The Giving Bunny Project

Have you heard of it?

I know I haven’t.

Till I chanced upon a Facebook post from stuffsusiemade where she posted up these adorable bunnies that she had made.

Credits: stuffsusiemade

Curious to see more, I went to her Facebook page to see more.

Credits: stuffsusiemade

It was there when I noticed at the bottom of the tag – The Giving Bunny Project. It sounded super interesting so I checked out the website stated there:

And that’s where I learnt about The Giving Bunny Project. So basically:

The giving bunny is just what he sounds like. He is a little bunny who is made for the sole purpose of giving away! He is a plush design that we are offering totally free, for machine embroiderers, hand embroiders and other crafty enthusiasts.

The idea behind him is that you stitch up as many little adorable bunnies as your heart desires (they’re really easy to make) and then you leave them in public spaces with a little printable tag as a gift for a stranger to discover.

Credits: Urbanthreads

That is really a FABULOUS idea! I mean really..Like, Just imagine

You are at the library or just hanging out alone, feeling sad or something. Then you suddenly find one of these adorable bunnies just tucked in a little corner. You go over, pick it up and then you read the tag. How would you feel?

Credits: UrbanThreads

In my case, I would feel really really happy and touched. Wouldn’t you? Plus, it will just totally brighten up my day and make me smile.

Afterwhich, I would seriously follow the link given on the tag in order to find out more about the existence of this bunny – Of which will direct you to:

*As mentioned earlier to find out more about this project(:

There, you can find FREE instructions on how to make your very own bunny with simple instructions. I’ve linked them here for easier reference as well – all credits to Urbanthread.

1. FREE machine embroidery bunny file here
2. Hand embroidery bunny file here

-felt/fleece/plush fabric
-pom pom (for tail)
-needle & thread

this printable PDF for his tag (recommend printing on cardstock!)

Credits: Urbanthreads

The best things about this project are:

1. You can customize your bunny any way you’d like

Customized by stuffsusiemade

2. You will really feel good that you that the bunnies you’ve made can brighten at least one person’s day and that person will take care of it *hopefully*

3. It is NOT limited to a certain place. ANYONE, ANYWHERE can do this project

Look at the places these bunnies are going to spread a little cheer!(:
Bunnies going COUNTRIES // Credit: urbanthreads

And yes, even in Singapore!
As of now, I only know that stuffsusiemade has already started placing them out:

Placed at a undisclosed location in Singapore. Presumably already taken

Gosh they are just SO, SO, CUTE! Don’t you wish you would be the lucky person who can find one of these bunnies? I’m definitely going to keep my eye out for one of the MRT, in the library, anywhere!

I’m also pretty inspired by this awesome project. So I’m too, going to have a look at the Hand embroidery bunny file and maybe give a go and make my own bunnyboth for personal use and to spread a little cheer around too. 

But I think it’s going to be a flop..nevertheless, I’m going to try!

Are you inspired by this project too?(:

*Please note that this is NOT FOR COMMERCIAL DISTRIBUTION*

Till Later,
♥ mitsueki

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