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I only started blogging again on 19 November 2012 – which at this moment marks 1 week of blogging. Wow that’s really fast!

At first when I started out, it just didn’t really mean anything – until the blogging fever got to me. Like right since the 19th, I’ve posted about 18 posts including this one. Basically I just penned down what was on my mind, stuff about GlamPuss and just things that I wanted to share. To my surprise, I’m actually getting more views than I thought.

Like today, I just hit 200 views on my blog. It’s not much I know, compared to other popular bloggers, but seriously, I’m really thankful to you guys for reading it and I hoped that you had found this interesting. I will try my best to keep blogging and I hope you will continue to follow me on my journey if you’d like.

Other than that, I am extremely grateful to the support given to my shop – GlamPuss. We have just hit 100 Facebook likes today as well! As mentioned in one of my previous blog posts here, I said that my target number of likes for the page is 100 so yeah, really, I’m really happy to have achieved that! If only that can translate to sales though. Boo 🙁

Regardless, please continue to give support to GlamPuss. I’ve now set another target – 500 likes! No deadline though, or else I’ll feel really stressed. Would you like to help?(:

Again, thank you from the bottom of my heart(:

Till later,
♥ mitsueki

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