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I love Peanut Pancakes x CNY Media Drops x Digital Marketing Workshop – 14 Jan 2019

Monday morning thoughts: Sometimes I look around me and think about the people I know and WOW. I’m just amazed by how talented they all are. Sometimes I wish I could have their abilities. A little envious but I just remind myself that – hey, I too have my own strengths too ^^ We all …

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Sunday Life Reflections x A&W is confirmed to be coming back to Singapore (?) x A Nostalgic Blast to the Past – 20 May 2018

Spent my Sunday mainly recovering from attending the Sundown Marathon the night before! Think I headed to bed super “early” like at 4am or something from drying my hair and lepak-ing. Lol, am I born to be a night owl? 😂 Anyway, woke up to receive a delivery from Thronne Merchant and I can’t wait …