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The Introvert v Extrovert Debate x CNY Day 1 – 5 Feb 2019

I think most people think I’m an extrovert – yeah all that extrovert vs introvert nonsense. Lol I think I’m more of an intro verus extro though. Or perhaps a mix of both (aka an ambivert?) depending on the situation. Don’t know and don’t really care that much lols 🤔 But yeah whenever CNY (Chinese …

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Wednesday Shenanigans in the Office (Office Hotpot anyone, lol?) – 28 Nov 2018

Hehe I’m always forever grateful to my mom for preparing my brekkie tirelessly without fail! Indeed, without her support behind the scenes and such – I would probably be overrun with a zillion things and for that, I’m eternally grateful! 🙏 Since I was gonna be working in the office the whole day and probably …