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Man flew from Australia just to have sex with underage girl in Singapore

Uh what? Just read this on The New Paper: Man flew from Australia to have sex with underage girl Jared Chan Yee Mun, a Malaysian restaurant owner living in Australia, was sentenced to a year’s jail yesterday for underage sex. He was the first of five men to be sentenced for having sex with a 15-year-old …

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Omg! | Former Straits Times reporter charged with underage sex

Spotted on Yahoo Newsroom: Former Straits Times reporter charged with underage sex An ex-reporter of Singapore broadsheet The Straits Times was charged on Monday morning with three counts of sex with an underage girl. The former Singapore Press Holdings scholar, now 29, whose lawyer reportedly requested that his name not be published in the media, is accused …

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Photographer Sex Scandal With 15 Year Old Girl // Or Not?

If you’ve been following STOMP closely, you would have seen this trending story: Why girls shouldn’t do solo photoshoots: Photographer had sex with 15-year-old A STOMPer says information surrounding a 15-year-old model who was pressured into sex with a 30-year-old photographer has been making the rounds on social media. The pictures and SMSes relate the …