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Battling the Worst Eczema Flare Up in My Life – 11 May 2019

Ah, my new daily routine now consists of applying that calamine lotion and moisturizer in the day. For this day, I tried showering earlier to cleanse myself first before applying. This combination does help to combat the itch – for awhile that is. Over the last few days, I realized that sweat is a big …

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Back to Reality x Healing – 9 May 2019

If you were to ask me for my plans once I’m back from Japan – I’ve got 4 main things on my mind. First and most importantly – heal. Pardon the graphic image but somehow I was struck down with a very bad rash when I was in Japan and I can’t figure out where …

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Random Ramblings and Musings: Travel Blogging x Mitsueki’s Blog Backstory and Future

I would rarely send in a LinkedIn request to a stranger (it’s usually vice versa) but one fine morning on 27 Feb 2019 – I did. Lol it’s kinda funny how I was led to this profile. Basically I switched on my data this morning and a LinkedIn request popped out on my notification and …