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Chronicles of a Typical Office Lady in Singapore: 12 April 2018 – Team Lunch x Japanese Snack Shopping x Packing!

This is a series of blog posts about my daily life as an office lady in Singapore during a typical workweek. I know this series sounds like a big deal but actually, it’s just full of mundane parts of my life in general HAHAA! Follow me on my IG / IG stories @mitsueki for live …

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Current Gaming Addiction: 旅かえる / Tabikaeru / Journey Frog + Mini Guide! #mitsuekigaming

The latest trending game right now is 旅かえる aka Tabikaeru aka Journey Frog aka that frog game which everyone is playing or talking about! It is created by the people (Hit-Point) behind the popular Neko Atsume game in case you were wondering! 😀 My Experience Playing 旅かえる / Tabikaeru / Journey Frog  The frog game is …