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Will This Turn Out A Romantic Love Story?

So this note was circulating on Facebook, STOMP and EDMW forums: Guy pastes notice in public to find the girl he met on the bus   The guy wrote on the note that he had felt an ‘instant connection’ with the girl, and also warned people not remove the note as it was ‘government property’. …

Random News

A Sweet & Inspirational Valentine’s Love Story // Adam Kamis

Stumbled on this Love Story shared on STOMP and I really felt that this is a story worth sharing, and reading. It brought tears to my eyes while reading it. Even the bf thinks that this is really..a great love story. “I was born normal, but a few years ago, I met with a road …

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Video: McFly’s Tom Fletcher sings his way through his wedding speech

Let’s start off your Wednesday morning with this video of McFly’s Tom Fletcher singing his way through his wedding speech that’s currently trending right now. And gosh, I started tearing up while watching. Yeah..it was UBER creative , ULTRA cute and SUPER romantic at how he managed to do some sort of a mashup of all the McFly’s …