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‘Not proud to be Singaporean’ TV show finalist Stephanie Koh in family brawl

Woah, just a few weeks ago, Stephanie Koh, a finalist in the region-wide K-pop Star Hunt 3 contest hit the news for saying that she was “I don’t feel proud to be Singaporean” during an interview. You can read about the whole story HERE. And now she’s back in the news again ;/ ‘Not proud to …

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Local K-pop Star Hunt 3 finalist Stephanie Koh: ‘I don’t feel proud to be a Singaporean’

Updated 16 Jan 14: Not sure why, but this video paints her in a different light compared to the side painted by the mass media. Watch it to see what I mean. Why I am not proud to be Singaporean So this video is made in response to some of the questions a lot of …