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VIDEO | Truck Trapped in Sinkhole at Upper Changi Road East Singapore

Ah, another sink hole in Singapore? Section of Upper Changi Road East caves in: Reports A section of Upper Changi Road East caved in this morning causing a tipper truck to collapse into the ground. Cave-in at Upp Changi Road East. The driver of the truck who asked to be identified Mr Su said he …

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Yet Another Sinkhole in Singapore? // Yes it’s true!

Still remember a couple of months back in January, there was a sinkhole/pothole of some sorts at Keppel? Well apparently, another sinkhole in Singapore has appeared as seen below: Yes, it does looks a little photoshopped, but it’s real alright! According to STOMP: Deep sinkhole appears in Clementi Road near NUS A motorcyclist narrowly avoided …

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The CAUSE of the EPIC Jam at Keppel Road // Sinkhole in Singapore?

Apparently, this morning, there was an EPIC jam over at Keppel Road. And if you were wondering what on earth happened.. THIS is what on earth happened: Photo taken from: EDMW Thread HERE Original Credits: Jean Ng (Facebook) Credits: Jason Chong Youtube Yeah..it’s not a sight you commonly see in Singapore From the picture, it …