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Weekends with Mitsueki | Keong Saik Bakery vs Tong Ah Eating House + Gearbest Shopping Loots + kaffe & toast Thai Noodle Bar – 24 Mar 2018

Weekends with mitsueki is a series whereby I share WHERE and WHAT I’M UP TO over the weekends in Singapore! Sometimes it’s mundane and sometimes it’s not but regardless, I love my weekends no matter what! 😀 Follow me on my IG / IG stories @mitsueki for live updates! Saturday was a wonderful day for me! Woke …

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Breakfasts Around The World

Love eating breakfast? Then check out these photos of breakfasts from all around the world below! Credits: 9gag Boo, why didn’t they put in our Singapore breakfast? XD Kaya Toast, Half Boiled Egg & Kopi anyone? But on a sidenote, gosh, I would love to try all the different breakfasts from around the world! ♥ Don’t …