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SHOCKING | China baby run over by car after mum throws her out of window

Spotted on STOMP today: China baby run over by car after mum throws her out of window A newborn baby in Harbin died after her mother wrapped her in a bag and tossed her out from an apartment window, leading the infant to be run over by a passing car. Viewer Discretion is Advised Newborn …

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VIDEO: Lorry Tailgates and Then Bangs into Motorcyclist // Road Bully Incident 18th January 2013

I saw this video of a lorry tailgating before banging into a motorcyclist is being spread around Facebook and seriously, I am really shocked at the lorry driver’s behavior. I can’t share Facebook videos on my blog for some reason so I uploaded the clip up to Facebook for easier viewing. Also I took the …

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VIDEO: Shocking Video Shows Biker Rams Pedestrian At Red Light Then Speeds Off

The period during Christmas is supposed to be full of joy, laughter and all that right? Sorry to spoil the mood but take a look at this horrendous footage taken last Saturday. It is of a motorcyclist in SINGAPORE who IGNORED THE RED TRAFFIC LIGHT and RAMMED down a pedestrian crossing the road when the green man …