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The SG Funpack VS Official NDP Funpack – The Contents Revealed!

I’m sure you’ve heard the news that there will be a Free SG Funpack for EVERY Singaporean and Permanent Resident households this year (that’s about 1.2 million households in Singapore?). Instructions on the collection of SG Funpack will be sent through the mail next month. Here’s what is known about the Funpack this year: 1. Both the contents …

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#SG50 x #NDP2015 | Free NDP Funpack for EVERY Singaporean Household this year!

Okay lah, seriously speaking, I know that there are quite  number of people who will go to the yearly National Day Parade for one thing and one thing only – to collect the free NDP Funpack! Of course, that is IF you are lucky to get a ticket. I tried ballot-ing every year and never …