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Merry Christmas Everyone! // 25th December 2012

Christmas is finally here!  – And just a random fact…..   Christmas isn’t a PUBLIC HOLIDAY for Japan! 🙁 {But yes! They do celebrate Christmas} Roar! That’s sad right? Anyway, the full blogpost about my Christmas Eve and Christmas with like a zillion photos will be up NEXT YEAR. Hehe, or maybe I should work …

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Of Random Food, Controversies & Whatsnot

One of the mornings this week – I think was on either Monday or Tuesday, I chanced upon a cute sight of an unwanted gingerbread (girl?) on the floor. It looked so cute so I couldn’t resist snapping a photo of it before rushing to take my bus. For the rest of that day, all …

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Nicole Westbrook – It’s Thanksgiving (Official Video)

This video has gone viral – in a bad way. At the moment, it has 11.8m views with 184k DISLIKES and 25k LIKES. Also being compared to Double Take’s Hot Problems and Rebecca Black’s Friday. But to be honest, it wasn’t THAT bad. In fact, I could take watching the whole video. How about you?

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Being Sick & Blah

If you noticed, most of my blog posts so far are pretty much blatant advertisement for GlamPuss. So I decided to share a little more on my personal life with you guys. Well, for one, I’ve been under the weather for the entire week! It started with a really bad sore throat on Sunday night, …