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Weekends with Mitsueki (CB Phase 3, Day 138 (Day 404): Productive x Procrastinate – 15 May 2021

weekends with mitsueki productive procastination

Today is the last day where you can dine out; and/or hang out in groups of 5 before we are in CB Phase 2 (Heightened Measures) from tomorrow onwards. Was expecting a surge of crowds as most people would be rushing to get their fix of dining in before it begins tomorrow so this means …

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Saturday Chillin’ – 3 Nov 2018

Holy shit. I just looked at my schedule and realized that I’ve not had a Saturday to myself without any plans at all for the whole day since..1 Sept 2018. And it’s 3 Nov 2018 on this day as I write this post. Raises eyebrows Looking at my schedule for the next few weeks, I …