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SHOCKING VIDEO | Malaysian man beats up girlfriend with hammer

Spotted on New Straits Times (Malaysia): Man Detained Over Video Of Him Beating Ex-Girlfriend With Hammer Police have detained a 33-year old man, Siow Kong Poh over a Facebook video showing him beating a woman repeatedly and several times with a hammer. The video which was uploaded on Sunday and quickly went viral, showed the suspect physically …

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Abused intern gets 4 job offers, including one paying $3,000 // Happy Ending?

So the story seems to have a happy ending as seen on STOMP: Abused intern gets 4 job offers, including one paying $3,000 Four companies have been competing to hire the undergrad who got hit, one of which wants to pay him a monthly salary of $3,000, five times his previous pay. Another company is an …

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Video: Supervisor captured on camera striking worker repeatedly on the face

Updated! Slapping video victim’s family demanding $100k compensation SINGAPORE – The family of a 29-year-old intern, who was filmed being repeatedly slapped by his boss at a software company, is demanding for $100,000 in compensation for lost wages over the years. According to Lianhe Wanbao, the intern joined the firm at Jurong East three years …