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Part I: My Christmas Eve 2012 // Overdue Post

So..New Year 2013 has passed by already and Chinese New Year is coming soon. And guess what? I’m writing about Christmas Eve that happened in 2012. LOL. Well TECHNICALLY I have even more overdue posts, but I had to finish my Christmas posts first =.= Also, I have split them into TWO posts – Part …

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Hello Kitty & My List of Overdue Blog Posts // Reminder to Self

Lol, I just couldn’t think of another title for this blog post, so here you go. Anyway, this weekend went by crazy fast and within a blink of an eye, it’s already Monday! So over the weekends, I did LOADS of stuff and preparations for GlamPuss and initially, I wanted to write the blog post …

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The Bestie From Aussie // Teo Heng KTV (Karaoke) – LICK Little Ice Cream Kafe – Old Airport Road Food Centre

Phew, I’ve been so swamped with loads of stuff the last couple of weeks, from meet ups with loads of friends (blog post up probably next year), work, marketing for GlamPuss and of course, LAST MINUTE CHRISTMAS SHOPPING! Added to that, I have LOADS of overdue blog posts lined up for me to write. I don’t …