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Kurt Tay & His Vietnamese Brides

Woah, Kurt Tay is back in the news again – but luckily this time, it’s slightly better news compared to the previous news I posted on my blog previously! Kurt Tay – 395cc breast implant (C Cup) – The Man with Boobs Kurt Tay | Naked Photos LEAKED? OMFG So anyway, in 2013 HERE, Kurt Tay …

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Kurt Tay | Naked Photos LEAKED? OMFG

Remember Kurt Tay? If you don’t, well basically Kurt Tay is the ex-Singapore Idol fail contestant (Mr Nong Nong Ago) who went to Thailand for a 395cc breast implant (C Cup) a few months ago as written HERE. Or better known as..the guy with boobs. Anyway, he’s back again! Spotted on the EDMW forums today, apparently …

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Man, I want to have big breasts // Wait, What?

I was just browsing my Facebook newsfeed when I saw this article being shared. At first I was like ehh..well, alot of women want to have big breasts what. Then I saw the picture.. First, this was my reaction: Taken from The New Paper online: Man, I want to have big breasts Written by: Foo …