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Weekends with Mitsueki (CB Phase 3, Day 70 (Day 335): Food Preps & #MitsuekiSalads x Sunday Slacking, Snacking & Late Night Regrets – 7 March 2021

weekends with mitsueki #mitsuekisalads preps

There’s just something a little fun about food preps and turning/using different ingredients to make my #mitsuekisalads meals. However, it is a little time consuming so the best time to do it is on a Sunday, or when you have pockets of time (no rush!). Heh, granted, alot of my ‘ingredients” or main meats have …

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A Stripey Knitwear Kinda Day – 14 Nov 2018

We don’t have four seasons in Singapore – at at the most it’s either sunny, rainy or cloudy (lol). So when the weather is cooling aka rainy/cloudy and such – think most of us will take this opportunity to dig out some knitwear to wear in Singapore. At least it doesn’t look that ridiculous 😂 …