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An Oxymoron Rollercoaster of Guilt x Positivity x Re-opening that Pandora Box – 7 Jan 2018

Mondays are always the busiest in the week – for a zillion reasons and one and that’s when you notice everyone getting productive (hence, loads of work being done = a flux spam of emails in my inbox) hahahaha. 😂 Busied till it was time to head out to collect my ezbuy parcel! Super convenient …

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Sunday Lunch x Royal Albatross Sunset Sail Experience x First Photoshoot – 1 Jul 2018

Sunday be like waking up to a homecooked meal that my mom prepared at home! Really thankful she remembered that I was skipping on the rice this time round as I wanted to finish the last bit of my salad greens! But as always, so much for a light meal to start my day off. …

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Chinese New Year 2013 // Huat ah!

Within a blink of an eye, the Chinese New Year is over for the year 2013. But most importantly, the long awaited 4 day holiday (and the only one in this year) is over. I’m sure most of us spent it either at home waiting to receive guests or going out to bai nian right? …