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Review: Truffle Fries from McDonalds Singapore

By now you should have known that you really can get truffle fries from McDonalds Singapore! However, do note that the ‘truffle’ is in powder form and comes in a packet as seen below. So yeah, it’s actually.. TRUFFLE SHAKER FRIES! Headed down to McD today to get hold of one (just in case, plus …

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Truffle Shaker Fries – Now Available at McDonalds Singapore!

Yesterday, my Facebook friends were in a frenzy speculating whether this photo – a packet of truffle shaker fries posted by the guys at 987fm was real or not. Truffle Shaker Fries from McDonalds?! And guess what? Yes, Truffle Shaker Fries are a REALITY! The truffle shaker fries as well as red velvet McFlurry are …