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Hustlin’ x Brutal Truths x A Very Long Winded (Lor Sor) Post – 23 June 2019

Formulating a to-do list and ticking them off everyday is a very satisfying thing to do for sure. But sometimes, it just comes to a point when you realize that you are literally working/hustling almost all the time? (Tbh, hustling all the time isn’t the greatest badge to carry or be proud of. That’s to …

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Contentment x Reality Check x Becoming Your Own Anchor – 13 Sept 2018

I was reading an article featuring Joel Neoh (founder of Fave/Groupon Malaysia) on First Classe Malaysia (thanks to Natalie, having met her at the Borneo Fashion Week media event and no – this is not a paid plug or plug in any way) and it was a really inspirational piece with good writing to boot. …