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Hoshino Coffee Plaza Singapura // Food Review

Oh yeah, it’s another food review post(: Which is as usual..LONG OVERDUE! As mentioned in my previous post about the new wing of Plaza Singapura as seen here, there are LOADS of newly opened restaurants! One of the restaurants that I really wanted to try instead of Hifumi was Hoshino Coffee, but the queue seriously …

Food Reviews, mitsueki

Hifumi: Food Review // Japanese Restaurant Plaza Singapura

**UPDATE: I just ate at Hoshino Coffee. Read here: Hoshino Coffee Plaza Singapura // Food Review** — If you passed by Plaza Singapura recently, you would have noticed that they have just opened up a new wing. And no surprise there, there are plenty of new eating establishments there including One Market by celebrity Chef Wan, Hoshino …