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Ikigai x Media Drops x Fixing my Google Pixel 2 – 16 Jan 2019

I was hoping it was just a bad dream – that this DIDN’T happen yesterday: The Day My Google Pixel 2 Died – 15 Jan 2019 Sadly, I picked up my phone and the cracked screen with the black screen of death (BOSD) stared back at me. It’s real. K, let’s try to make do …

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This is how Sundays should be like – Chilling x Cold Storage Expedition – 17 Jun 2018

Who isn’t in love with Sundays? It’s the BEST day where you can unwind and relax before the start of the work week again so I’m always encouraging my friends to just slack and nua the day away hahaha! Alternatively, you can always head out as well la hehe. My Sunday started off with my …

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Diary of a Wanderess x Hermit at Home | 20 April 2018 – Plaza Singapura Media Event + Iroha Mart + Impromptu Paktor Dinner & Movie Date with Mr J

I quit my 9-6 job and decided to be a wanderess for a year – an adult gap year of sorts; one that I never had. And this is my diary and a record of where I have wandered – the tiny island of Singapore which I call home, the places/countries I’ve explored abroad and …