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PSY: Gentleman // New SONG/MV Release!

Updated: 13/4/13 PSY – GENTLEMAN M/V I wasn’t really impressed since the dance is SO Brown Eyed Girl’s Abracadabra – hence it’s no surprise why Ga-In from BEG was in Psy’s Gentleman video;/ I was just expecting something more original, but well, it’s great that BEG is gaining popularity because of this and Abracadabra is one of my …

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What Is Harlem Shake? // Explanation and Videos

If you, like me use social media a lot, you might have come across this extremely popular term/meme – Harlem Shake on Facebook, 9Gag and Twitter. And most likely, like me, you’ll probably be like thinking… WHAT ON EARTH/EXACTLY IS HARLEM SHAKE? At first I was like..meh, maybe it’s nothing. But later, the term Harlem …

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The Miracles of Makeup // & My 1st Dinner & Dance at One Degree 15 Marina Club

I’ve promised since like..eons ago that I would blog about my first D&D. And so FINALLY, here it is! {WARNING: MANY MANY CAMWHORE PHOTOS OF SELF HERE} Oh and in case you were wondering what D&D means.. There you go. This was the invitation card that was issued to everyone in the company if they had signed …