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7D6N Osaka Travelogue 2019 – DAY 1: HELLO Osaka! x Dotonburi x Creo-Ru x Shinsaibaishi-Suji – 2 MAY 2019 #DuckyFishyOSAKA

The announcement that we would be landing in a few minutes woke us up after barely catching a few winks of sleep over the last three hours onboard the plane from the night before. Bleary eyed and half awake – I peered at the plane window for my first view of The Philippines as we …

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Tripadvisor’s Top 20 coolest places in Japan

Recently been feeling the urge to travel and add places to my bucket list, not sure why – but I guess that’s because Singapore’s small and frankly..a little boring sometimes, so we can’t just take short road trips to other states (Johor’s close, but ehhh..not really safe to go there now) or get out of …