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Public Monetary Donation Drive OPEN for JASON CHEE WENG FAI // Finally!

**Update: Donation Drive is closed, LATEST news HERE** — Yes guys, FINALLY I have news of the public monetary drive for Jason Chee Weng Fai that you all have been waiting for since the incident happened. In case you don’t know who Jason Chee Weng Fai is, he is ME2 from the Singapore Armed Forces who …

mitsueki, Random News

O+ Blood Donation Appeal Updates // SAF Serviceman: Chee Weng Fai Jason

*UPDATED: 21/12/12* Monetary Donation Drive is NOW OPEN TO PUBLIC! Read more HERE — Just an update on the blood stocks level at the blood bank. As you can see, the type O blood stock level is still low, but but it soon going to reach the Healthy level very soon.     According to the Singapore …