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Food Bites: LENAS Singapore

I think I’m a pretty loyal customer and I love to indulge in food that I like! And one of the restaurants that I am a HUGE fan of is … LENAS, a modern American Italian restaurant in Singapore under the MOF group (Ministry of Food). Just yesterday on Saturday, the bf brought me to …

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Yomenya Goemon Citylink Mall Food Review // Girls Night Out

Like woah, it’s seriously been quite awhile since I last posted a food review yeah? Well not to worry, here is an EXTREMELY overdue post since last year – actually last month or was it November 2012? Basically, last month, I met up with two of my secondary school buddies – Sarah and Crystal for …

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Hoshino Coffee Plaza Singapura // Food Review

Oh yeah, it’s another food review post(: Which is as usual..LONG OVERDUE! As mentioned in my previous post about the new wing of Plaza Singapura as seen here, there are LOADS of newly opened restaurants! One of the restaurants that I really wanted to try instead of Hifumi was Hoshino Coffee, but the queue seriously …