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Surviving a 30 Day Unlimited Trampoline Fitness Class in Singapore

So, I recently signed up for an unlimited package of bounce class / trampoline fitness pass for 1 month to see how much I could achieve within 30 days #justforkicks, and here’s a timeline of what happened. Day 1/Session 1 – 4 July 2019 5 star Intensity. Let’s do this ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ After class: died. Classes …

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First Bounce Class at BBounce Studio x Donki SG Ready To Eat Meals x Captain Marvel Movie x Dinner at Platform M – 19 Mar 2019

It feels like I haven’t stepped out of the solace of my room/house in a long time so feeling the burning sun on my face felt a little disconcerting. Yeah this night owl and hermit at home wanted to shy away from the brightness of daylight to huddle back in my little comfy and cozy …

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Knowing your Own Value x Weight Loss Updates x My ERP Grab Ride Adventure x KC Girls Meetup – 19 Feb 2019

Know your value. Then add tax. Funny how I keep advocating for this but yet I’m not doing it for my own blog. Don’t worry, I’m learning and rectifying that ASAP. Have been doing this since the start of this year actually – showed my stuff to a couple of my mentors/friends (sankyuu, y’all know …