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I only started blogging again on 19 November 2012 – which at this moment marks 1 week of blogging. Wow that’s really fast! At first when I started out, it just didn’t really mean anything – until the blogging fever got to me. Like right since the 19th, I’ve posted about 18 posts including this one. …


The Christmas Question

So if you were wondering, well, he asked me this: The Boyfriend: What do you want for your Christmas present? Me: Prada bag The Boyfriend: Other than that -.- Me: DSLR camera The Boyfriend: …. anything else? Me: That’s a stupid question! NO! NO! NO! Are you kidding me? You don’t ask ME what I …

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Changes to GlamPuss

So today marks the official 1 week and 1 day since I launched my first GlamPuss collection. And yes, sadly I have to say that I still have not made any sales. I’ve tried all sorts of methods: 1. 17% off sales 2. Black Friday 30% off sales 3. Posting my collection at all the …

Random Videos

Nicole Westbrook – It’s Thanksgiving (Official Video)

This video has gone viral – in a bad way. At the moment, it has 11.8m views with 184k DISLIKES and 25k LIKES. Also being compared to Double Take’s Hot Problems and Rebecca Black’s Friday. But to be honest, it wasn’t THAT bad. In fact, I could take watching the whole video. How about you?

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Avecre // Advertorial & Clothing Review

About Avecre: Avecre = Avenue Creativity What could be more fun than having fun with a bunch of fun-loving people? We have here 3 core team members consisting: a marketing maniac who works over 80 hrs/wk and slave drives the rest, a programming geek who codes non-stop and wishes to do it till he gets …

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Saturday – GlamPuss / Frankieweenie

I mentioned previously in one of my posts here that I would be inviting a blogger to do a sponsored item review/advertorial for my shop, GlamPuss and so I contacted her on Thursday to inquire if she was interested. Initially, I wanted to drop her an email on Monday, but the bf – as the logistics/storage personnel (in other words, …

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Sneak Peek! Collection 2: Handcrafted

Sneak peek into Collection 2: Handcrafted Launching on 27 November 2012 // Full Preview up soon Featuring Love For Fabric Handmade Clip-On Earrings Stay tuned ♥

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TGIF & Pastamania

Since I posted so many posts up yesterday, I decided to leave this post for today instead. Then I realized, crap, I have LOADS to say even today! But whatever, I’m just going to continue blogging about yesterday. Okay, and I just wrote a whole lot of rubbish as usual instead of getting straight to …