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  In celebration of Black Friday, GlamPuss is hosting our FIRST FLASH SALE!   Get 30% OFF ALL ITEMS! SHOP TODAY:!new-in/c5wy *Postage not included / 30% off will be reflected in invoice / Not valid in conjunction with any existing promotions / Valid till 25th Nov 2012

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High Street Fashion – Safe?

I was reading My Paper this morning as my colleagues will always prepare one for each of us when we get to work. Then I chanced upon this really interesting news article. – Hazardous chemicals found in high street brands. Unfortunately, I was unable to find the exact same article online, so I went to find …

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Being Sick & Blah

If you noticed, most of my blog posts so far are pretty much blatant advertisement for GlamPuss. So I decided to share a little more on my personal life with you guys. Well, for one, I’ve been under the weather for the entire week! It started with a really bad sore throat on Sunday night, …

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Blatant Advertorial 1 – GlamPuss Debut Collection 1: Motley

Today, I decided to write a blatant advertorial post for my own online shop – GlamPuss. How totally thick-skinned yes? Lol! So onto my advertorial, *cracks fingers* Introducing GlamPuss Debut Collection 1: Motley, launched on 17 November 2012! What is a motley collection you may ask? Well, as quoted from our website here: 1. The …

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First Week

So it’s almost been a week since I launched my Debut Collection 1: Motley, this Saturday will mark the official week actually. Unfortunately, I have to say that I’m rather disappointed with the results so far. Again, I’ll be honest and truthfully say that I haven’t had any sales. So naturally I’m disappointed. Imagine spending …


Marketing & GlamPuss First Giveaway (+ Winners!)

Marketing by word of mouth is a slow process even though it can be rather beneficial – I think. Well, that’s what I read on many blogs and marketing books from my poly and university days. But on a general note, marketing – be it WOM, advertising and etc is one of the most crucial …