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#MitsuekiTravels: 5D4N Hoi An-Da Nang Travelogue Day 4 (Ba Na Hills Exploration x Golden Bridge x Hello Da Nang x A 2.5 Hours Spa Session x Seafood Feast x Dragon Bridge Show x Son Tra Night Market) – 24 May 2024

#MitsuekiTravels 5D4N Hoi An-Da Nang Travelogue Day 4 (Ba Na Hills Exploration x Golden Bridge x Hello Da Nang x A 2.5 Hours Spa Session x Seafood Feast x Dragon Bridge Show x Son Tra Night Market) - 24 May 2024

Time sure flies when you’re having fun and it’s already Day 4 of our trip! We just have this 1 final full day to ourselves before I head off to the airport the next day.

Read my previous Hoi An-Danang Travelogue here:

If you’re staying overnight at Ba Na Hills over at Mercure Danang French Village, hotel guests have the special privilege of checking out the Golden Bridge super early in the morning in block intervals at 6am and 630am (not sure if there are more timings after). That was the original plan for the mister but since I also didn’t get to view the bridge yesterday either, and wasn’t interested in waking up so late = here’s us awake for the complimentary buffet breakfast provided at our hotel over at La Crique.

The options provided were aplenty ranging from local to international cuisine, the perfect way for you to try out some regional Central Vientamese cuisine as well from the buffet counter. What I recommend will be all the super fresh greens, brown rice congee, fruits etc. The rest are your generic standard breakfast fare!

P.s try to get the alfresco seats for people watching and the best view! Also, breakfast hours are not for the late, starting from 6.30-9.30am.

With a couple of hours to spare before heading down to the cable car station where we arranged to meet the driver at 12pm – this is the best time to snap photos around the area before the whole hordes of tourists arrive (and bad weather). Love the charm of the place whether it’s from day to night; you do feel abit transported into Europe pe se. Plus the weather is pretty lovely too; except for the slightly strong sun .. which is why I caved and bought myself a super cute sun hat! It was definitely overpriced buying from a tourist trap at 120k (you can get it from the night markers from 39-59k dong), however it’s relatively cheap by our currency exchange la.

Afterwhich, we headed to the cable car station that connects to the Golden Bridge area and it was time to snap photos together with the famous symbol of Vietnam commonly seen all over social media. And yes, it is really crowded and very hard to snap photos. Be patient, try to get your turn and voilà! Taken for the gram :p

If you have more time, take a jaunt around the beautiful surrounding such as the Le Jardin D’Amour Gardens, Bar Debay Wine Cellar and more. Do expect a huge crowd however as flocks of tourists tend to start off at this point here before heading up to the French Village.

It wasn’t too long before we were riding the cable car back down to the Toc Tien Station (approx 20 mins) before being whisked into our car and driven to our homestay called Maison Vy Anh Hotel & Apartment in Danang (approx less than 1 hour drive). This was a nice basic place good for an overnight stay located just 1 min walk from the famous Son Tra Night Market.

My original itinerary for today was to head over to Marble Mountain but I was actually down with a bit of cold/flu and didn’t want to push my body condition further. So we ended up chilling in our room and ordering drinks from GrabFood before heading off to our next appointment at Nguon Spa Da Nang.

Decided to splurge abit on a more upscale spa and treated both the mister and myself to a series of treatments: 1x full body massage (60 mins) + 1x head massage (45 mins) + 1x facial wash & rose mask (15 mins) + 1x Himalaya salt spa sauna (30 mins) for around 2.2M dong ($120) for 2 people. The spa surroundings itself was also very beautiful and aesthetic as you can tell.

Meanwhile as always, we started with a welcome drink and treats before filling up the usual massage form and led to the himalayan salt sauna to sweat it off. This was a relaxing and rejuvenating experience as we laid on the rocks and chatted while sweating to open up our pores.

30 mins later, we moved on next to the full body massage where the masseur really worked out the kinks in my neck, shoulder and back which I sorely needed and put an emphasis on focusing.

Finally, comes our hair wash, facial wash and rose mask done all consecutively. I think you can only get this service in Vietnam and you feel so pampered after that cos you have someone helping you to wash/clean your face, scrub your hair and then blow dry you off as well leaving this spa nice and squeaky clean. Ahhh. It was quite worth it imo cos I’m sure a service like this in Singapore will cost double or more!

You end off with a free service, more tea / and some passionfruit pudding.

Next up, dinner time at Be Ni 2 for some fresh seafood! Reservations recommended like what the mister did. Oh and you can ‘catch’/choose some of your seafood choice. In this case, it was the lobster! We also ordered sea snails in garlic butter sauce, steamed prawns and the entire 1kg lobster steamed. Note that the side dishes that comes along with your table like quail eggs, peanuts and even the baguettes served are not free! If you don’t want them, remember to say no or you’ll be charged!

Service here was good and again, you feel super pampered because you can get the servers to peel the prawns, deshell the entire lobster and even individually pull out every sea snail for easier consumption if it pleases you.

Overall the seafood here were all fresh and I would return again to try other dishes in the future!

If you’re visiting Danang, try to make your trip dates fall between Fri-Sun because this is the only time when you’ll get to see the Dragon Bridge show at 9pm! If you want the best view, you’ll need to be there early or be stuck at the bridge to see it from a distance.

My experience? The dragon pretty much spat out 2-3 fire balls with huge puffs of black smoke (pollution..I thought immediately) and it stops. This repeats maybe 3-4 times before it changes to the water being sprayed out. Then it ends. It was a little underwhelming in my opinion…but at least we ticked it off our list. Perhaps if we viewed it at a different angle, it might have been a little better.

Nonetheless off we go next to Son Tra Night Market. Its a bustling market filled with rows of seafood, street food and souvenirs. I’m not sure how fresh the seafood are so you’ve been warned! We only stopped by for a drink to cool off and stroll around. Nothing much to buy but you can spend around an hour walking about to explore the place.

As my last night in Danang and Vietnam in general, we strolled towards the riverside for a better view of the Dragon Bridge. From this angle, it looks rather beautiful so I can imagine it would look much better / cooler if you watched the show from the angle. Otherwise the riverside area is still a good spot to stroll, grab a table and chair with a drink with the locals and chillax as you admire the view.

The vibes and culture here in Vietnam is quite laid back, a nice contrast to the fast paced we are used to in Singapore. I still prefer Hoi An over Danang as the charm and hospitality of the people there won me over. Danang is not too bad, I feel.. it’s a generic city during the day however it transforms quite beautifully at night with all the bright lights.

We also spotted some really beautiful / aesthetic cafes walking back to our hotel.

It was a lovely way to end off the night and my final full day here. Without a doubt, I know I’ll be back again next time.


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