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#MitsuekiTravels: 5D4N Hoi An-Da Nang Travelogue Day 3 (Ba Na Hills Exploration x Fantasy Park x Mercure Danang French Village Bana Hills) – 23 May 2024

#MitsuekiTravels 5D4N Hoi An-Da Nang Travelogue Day 3 (Ba Na Hills Exploration x Fantasy Park x Mercure Danang French Village Bana Hills) - 23 May 2024

I was really excited for today, sad to be leaving Hoi An but we are moving over to a destination I’ve been looking forward the last few months! But first, breakfast of Grabfood from Bánh Mì Phượng, our selected banh mi for the day after we tried this and Madam Khanh on Day 1!

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Then we hopped onto our private car transportation to head over to Ba Na Hills, nut not before we received a thank you gift from our homestay owners!

If you’re staying at Mercure Danang French Village Bana Hills like we are, ask the driver to drop you off at Toc Tien Station because this is where you can redeem your cable car ticket with express service to head up to the hotel to drop off your luggage first.

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We felt like total VIPs as the bellboy helped us with the luggage and bypassed the queues to enter the cable car. Do note however to bring your actual credit card used to make payment during this trip because they will charge a holding amount to your card on the spot just to verify that you are the owner (as a safety precaution). And guess what..mine was locked for overseas usage so yeah fyi for your future reference.

Nonetheless all settled and we were onboard the cable car, also noted as one of longest cable car ride in the world! It takes approx 20 mins from the base all the way to Ba Na Hills and they even have barf bags cos I guess it’s quite common for people to be sick? Prepare for your ears to pop frequently as you ascend up the hills and admire the views..if you’re lucky! For us, it was clear views at first and then super foggy later on as seen pictured!

Welcome to Ba Na Hills and the beautiful French Village. Cheesy, overrated, tourist trap, man made, these are the common words to describe this place. However, if you’re here for the gram + relatively cool weather + pretend that you are in Europe – it’s actually a pretty decent place to be in.

Add a rented ao dai or throw on a pretty dress = go get snappy everywhere because there are SO many picture worthy spots at every nook and crank. Granted, the structures aren’t exactly real but these replicas are good enough and they certainly went all out on them.

Disappointingly the alpine ride that I was looking forward to trying was closed for construction that day.. I guess, another time then.

Meanwhile, there are certain suggested routes but we went our own way to explore the area starting with the Moon Kingdom area with the castle, and then the French Village. You can find a few indoor 5D rides which were pretty decent within the castle area and played some games as well as it started drizzling.

Lunch was settled at Kavkaz Restaurant serving Russian style food. Note that many of the restaurants close at 4pm, and only selected places are open after 6pm for dinner if you are staying overnight. Hence, try to choose a place that you want to try the most during the day!

We opted for a sausage, lamb rice pilaf and a beef steak. Very average to below average food though the lamb rice pilaf was acceptable. The sausage was OK I supposed but that beef steak was super greasy, meat acceptable, veggies mostly cooked in grease and overdone, one of the bad foods we had during this trip. 吃到不爽, luckily I had a delicious banh mi earlier that morning! The food prices are moderately more expensive here becos it is a theme park after all but acceptable for SG standards cos of the currency exchange.

The rain turned into a torrential thunderstorm once again so we hurried back to check into our hotel room at Mercure Danang French Village Ba Na Hills where our luggage awaited. Check in begins at 2pm, earlier if your room is ready and check out the next day is at 10.30am. We requested for a late check out and was only able to extend it till 11am.

If I’m not wrong, they upgraded us to a Deluxe Room and made the effort tto decorate our bed + prepare a delicious chocolate tart for us. Thank you for the hospitality as this was indeed a pre-honeymoon trip for us before our upcoming wedding. The bed was nice and comfy, king size of course and everything as it should be.

The rain didn’t stop 🙁 and we only had a couple of hours left before the place closes .. a visit to the famous Golden Bridge was just not possible either so we cheered ourselves up with a mango sorbet while hiding out in the rain with other guests.

And then we went down to Ba Na Hills Fantasy Park, which is an underground theme park located below the French Village. This is fully indoors and open till 7pm at night so you should make this your last stop + utilise this place during rainy days like this! All rides within this park, including the 5D rides at the other Moon Kingdom are free as it’s included in your ticket. There are only selected attractions e.g alpine ride, wax museum, toy catcher games etc that require a top up!

Don’t expect too much from this theme park, however it was sufficient to entertain us for 1-2 hours. We played almost every ride here from bumper cars, to this vomit inducing flying ride (IT SPUN SO FAST), had a quick walk through their Jurassic Park, took 2 more 4D rides (1 Desperado ride / a car race ride), played arcade games (all free) and the mister took that tower drop ride which I refused to get on. There were also a couple of rides I wanted to try but they were closed so oh wells. Still a day relatively well spent as we explored this entire level.

By 7pm, the rain started clearing up and we headed out to explore Ba Na Hills and the French Village by night. This is a special privilege you can enjoy if you stay overnight, or stay till late (rmb to catch the last cable car down!!). Sadly, we missed the last cable car to the Golden Bridge or else we could have made a trip there to view it at night!

Nonetheless I guess this means its time to hunt for dinner! There were also surprisingly more restaurant options open than we expected so we were relatively spoilt for choice.

In the end, we went for something generic at the Outdoor Street Vendors enjoying more sausages (again), but these were really good served with fresh salad and bun, plus ostrich skewers served with kimchi and some lemonade drinks. Unlike lunch, dinner was actually not as bad. Not super delicious but acceptable for an amusement park food. If you want better quality food and more options, there are plenty of buffet options around and other places to eat too.

We ended the night strolling around the French Village and taking photos of the structures at night. It definitely is a sight to view them during the day verus the night and I would recommend you either stay overnight or stay later to see a different side.

And that’s it for this post! Thanks for reading and stay tuned to my next day 🙂


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