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#MitsuekiTravels: 5D4N Hoi An-Da Nang Travelogue Day 1 (Airport Adventures x Hannah’s House x 45 Thu Tailor x Banh Mi Showdown x Mot x Hoi An Lantern Festival) – 21 May 2024

#MitsuekiTravels 5D4N Hoi An-Da Nang Travelogue Day 1 (Airport Adventures x Hannah's House x 45 Thu Tailor x Banh Mi Showdown x Mot x Hoi An Lantern Festival) - 21 May 2024

This is it, our first official #RNDXTravels / #MitsuekiTravels trip for 2024 and we will be heading to a new destination that both of us have never been before so this is pretty exciting!

Some slight unlucky matters that happened before the trip – the mister misread the dates for the free key chain collection for the Pokemon Centre / his Priority Pass couldn’t work at 2-3 restaurants we tried / the Shilla Duty Free shop at T2 ran out of free samples when we attempted to pop by to redeem them. 🙁

Nevertheless, hunger ate at us and we went for a quick light meal at the food court instead. Wanton noodles for the mister and the quintessential Singapore breakfast of kaya toast and egg set for me.

Things started looking up for us after that when he managed to fix the Priority Pass issue and we could finally use it. And we did – the first step was at Transpa for his free hair cut and hair wash; while I went for a 20 min head and shoulder massage. Very comfy and a nice way to kick-start our relaxing trip right:)

We also popped by the Ambassador Transit Lounge to check it out; have some light bites (fruits) and drinks before heading over to board our plane.

Welcome onboard our flight to Danang via Singapore Airlines! It sure was nice to fly on our national carrier with the comfy seats and good service. Meals served onboard for such a short haul flight was unnecessary for us now that we have his unlimited usage of priority pass however it was still nice to be served food. We ordered the chicken ragout and ee mian respectively and honestly the best part of it was the mini magnum ice cream :p

It wasn’t too long before we landed safely at Danang Airport and walking through immigration reminded us of a small scale Changi Airport tbh. The facilities and design of the airport was actually much nicer and more modern than I expected, nothing too old school or old that you would generally think to have. Immigration was also OK, that reminded me of the Singapore-JB immigration area a little bit hahaha.

Next up, we were picked up at the airport by our private driver engaged by the hotel. As a general note, we later found out that the average cheapest price of a private driver from Danang Airport to Hoi An is 250k dong, if you can get their contact earlier that is (approx ~1hr ride). Otherwise, you can also opt for the airport shuttle pick up service from Klook HERE. Its not that expensive either, except that they have only selected departure schedules and timings.

Meanwhile, say hello to our Hoi An accommodation at Hannah’s House. The price for this stay is very affordable, less than $40/night for their basic room (we paid around $84 for 2 pax for 3D2N). This isn’t a hotel but one of their numerous homestay locations available in Hoi An. Service was great from the start, from registering to getting welcome drinks and towels before a detailed explanation of the house, usage and a map given before we were led up to our room.

Not to worry, there’s a lift here. However you’ll need to carry your luggage up a small flight of steps to get into the house in the first place so do take note in case you have elderly in your party.

As a homestay, it comes with various communal facilities including a dining room space on Lv 2, and even a cooking area on Lv 1. There is unfortunately no swimming pool for regular guests. If you booked the penthouse suite, you’ll get access to their outdoor bathtub.

Otherwise, their basic room is good enough for us! The bed was soft and comfortable with enough amenities and power plugs all around the room. Bathroom was alright, no tub but a standing shower with good pressure. Our room also comes with a mini balcony to be able to people watch in the streets in the morning if you like!

Oh yes, they also have a mini massage parlour on Lv 1 with affordable massage prices. However, the masseurs are on call and must be booked in advance as they are not present all the time. The last timing of the massage is till 9pm, relatively early too so take note if you ever want to have an ‘in house’ massage before heading to bed. We didn’t use this service at all and went for other massage places that closed later (general closing times for most massages in Hoi An: 10pm).

The first order of business for us was to head over to 45 Thu Tailor, the place the mister shortlisted prior to the trip to get his suit done. No reservations needed, just walk in and you’ll be served quite quickly by the ladies. They will greet you with cold water, wet tissue and proceed to ask what you are looking for + show you some design inspiration. Afterwhich, you choose the colors and materials (price varies) before going through a fitting session on the spot to get all the measurements. For guys, expect that you’ll need to strip off your top in public to get the measurements done.

For reference, he paid USD 265 (approx S$360) for a tailored 3 piece suit (jacket + trousers + vest), 2 tailored white shirts with a free bow tie. The second fitting can be ready as early as the next day and we made an appointment to come back after 2pm. It can be as fast as getting the suit ready by then if the fitting is all good. A good timeline is around 2-3 days in Hoi An!

After the fitting session, we headed over to the famous Bahn Mi Phuong, made popular by Anthony Bourdain. We went for the mixed cut and it definitely did not disappoint!

Another famous bahn mi stall that is frequently mentioned is Madam Khanh – The Banh Mi Queen and the reviews are divided on them or Banh Mi Phuong for the best banh mi in Hoi An..and we were here to test them out! Being fair, we ordered the same mixed cut and this was a lighter chewier version compared to the former. If you like it abit more savoury (and maybe slightly more greasy) with a nice mix of greens and chilli, you’ll like the former. If you like it less greasy with a lighter healthier taste you might like Madam Khanh better instead. Just try them both to see which one you like better 🙂

We were fortunate that our visit dates fell on their monthly Hoi An Lantern Festival (Full Moon Lantern Festival) which takes place monthly for 1 day on the 14th of every lunar month. So because of that, we were able to see and witness a few cultural aspects for today!

The only downside was the rain 🙁 It started drizzling non stop by late afternoon but we decided to still press on and explore the beautiful charming streets of Hoi An. It’s easy to fall in love with this particular city here in Vietnam because it’s absolutely lovely.

We also stopped by Mot for their famous herbal tea. Not to worry, it’s not like our Chinese style of black herbal tea but a refreshing drink of lime, lemongrass and assorted herbs & ingredients served in an environmentally friendly paper cup with a paper straw, and topped with a lotus petal. Delicious!

Located nearby Mot as well is the Klook meetup point for the “Boat Ride Ticket + Release Lantern” at Hoai River. Just look for the staff wearing the white Klook shirt, show your booking and they will lead you to the queue + pass you the Lantern per person + a herbal drink.

There, you’ll get seated on the boat as you traverse around 10-15 mins around the river and Release your lanterns. It doesn’t look like it’s raining in my photos; but it was..rather heavily actually so many lanterns got extinguished the moment they were placed in the water hahaha!! Nonetheless, it was still a wonderful experience, definitely for the gram as the boat owner will also help you take some photos. Prepare tips cos they expect it for doing that :p

Beyond this visit, the rain turned into those type of torrential thunderstorms and it just wasn’t conducive walking around town like this. Our shoes were entirely soaked, huge puddles were everywhere .. though disappointing, I’m glad we managed to tick off a few things on my to do list earlier before this insane rain.

For now, we decided to head back to our homestay and chillax turn in for the night! Oh and it was then I quickly retweaked our entire itinerary to factor in the wet weather and even booked a last min cooking class for 8.20am!! at 11pm that night. Fingers crossed all is good for tml!

Thanks for reading!


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