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#OfficeDiaries: Sweet Things x Promise Fulfilled x Sushi Express x Chocoelf Specialty Chocolate x Wandering Tapir EveryDay TotePack – 17 May 2024

#OfficeDiaries Sweet Things x Promise Fulfilled x Sushi Express x Chocoelf Specialty Chocolate x Wandering Tapir EveryDay TotePack - 17 May 2024

Friday sweet things that made my day 🙂

– Receiving this random colourful rainbow snack from my intern

– Cute souvenir tote bag from my colleague who just came back from Bangkok

Also took this Friday lunch hour to bring my girls out to Sushi Express as promised; fulfilling what I told them prior to the event = a reward at their favourite sushi joint!

My personal favourite is actually Genki Sushi however it seems that the younger gen group prefers Sushi Express as its more economical and value for money for the price point and quality of food served so I was here to try that out. In conclusion, yeah I would say not bad! We honestly quite abit and the bill was not to shabby for 3 pax. Can tell the girls didn’t want to order too much as well cos it was my treat but aiya it was okay one la 🙂 Wouldn’t mind coming back again here cos it’s really not too bad.

Went home after that to the misters place where I received a media drop on behalf of SG Lifestyle. We received 3 new unique Singapore flavours of chocalatey collaborations – Chicken Floss Chocolate x Fragrance / Black Cold Brew Chocolate x Tiong Hoe Speciality Coffee / Umami Soy Brew Chocolate x Tai Hua. Definitely unique gifts you can try for yourself; or gift as token souvenirs to overseas friends with these local flavours! They retail for $12.50 each which you can get from Chocoelf’s Specialty store, or any Cocoa Trees outlets in Singapore OR at Taste Singapore over at Changi Airport!

Beyond that..I also snacked ALOT today hahaha!

His friend came over with a surprise delivery for the mister as well, where I ordered us the EveryDay TotePack from Wandering Tapir in blue (for him) and yellow (for her, me) as our monthsary gift.

Wandering Tapir is a side business that his friend just launched where he self designed, manufactured and hand picked all the fabric and components to get it to this launch stage. Gotta support local and passion – and trust an engineer’s work. If that’s anything I’ve learned from the mister :p

P.s I also had a mini hand in this! Some contributions on the color options during his brainstorming phase. Heehee. Also, huge thanks to his friend for going the extra mile to make this sweet card for the mister!

Let’s use this for our upcoming trip next week! I’m excited cos we are finally traveling after almost 6 months!


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