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#OfficeDiaries/MitsuekiOnLeave: AD Wedding and Evening Gown Selection x Homecooked Dinner – 16 May 2024

#OfficeDiariesMitsuekiOnLeave AD Wedding and Evening Gown Selection x Homecooked Dinner - 16 May 2024

So today’s the day I finally get to pick my wedding and evening gown from my selected bridal shop. Again I believe I mentioned I had some slight regrets but nonetheless, let’s get on it to finalise my selection!

Really thankful that my maid of honour took half day leave to accompany me for this bridal fitting session and it was a good girls bonding time as well because honestly sometimes they can be more useful in their opinions verus the men :p

General things to prep in advance:

– Your nubra/bras (if needed) / wedding shoes / jewellery / contact lens (something i realised I needed, especially if you wear glasses)

Prepare to spend at least 2-3 hours choosing your gown especially if you’re like me who can be rather indecisive and think too much lol. Also, here’s a sneak peek of the whole fitting session and dresses I tried but didn’t make the final cut. I mean I still had abit of fun trying out styles that I generally wouldn’t ever try like mermaid, cheongsam, and body hugging outfits.

Now looking back, perhaps I should try to be abit more daring in my looks rather than being more conservative. However, comfort and confidence is also key to me pe se so fingers crossed I will not have too many regrets over the wedding gown / evening gown matters. Just pick them, get over anything and move on.

Here’s rewarding myself with a homecooked dinner at the misters place after that. He’s so lucky to have a mom who can cook well and prepare such delicious food! Without her, we’ll definitely be eating more takeouts than anything cos we’re lazy and that’s more convenient. So count your blessings for any form of homecooked food – it’s a luxury!


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