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#WeekendsWithMitsueki: Trying Pho Me @ Old Airport Road x Wedding Stuff x Johan Bakery x Bingsu Date x Chillax Time – 11 May 2024

#WeekendsWithMitsueki Trying Pho Me @ Old Airport Road x Wedding Stuff x Johan Bakery x Bingsu Date x Chillax Time - 11 May 2024

Happy weekend! Its finally a FREE weekend where I don’t have to worry 24/7 about work matters cos the event is over (for now)!! Decided to eat out for lunch at Old Airport Road Food Centre..which you will see me do very often before they are closed for a 3 month long renovation come 1 June!

For today, I ticked off trying out this Vietnamese pho place that I’ve been eyeing for a long time. Best eaten on the spot because dabao is not the best way even if you live close by. I ordered their #1 sliced beef brisket pho with less noodles and more taugey because I read reviews about that (I like taugey lol). No regrets because I think this is one of the better phos I’ve tried in Singapore at a pocket friendly price of $7. Very delicious soup, noodles just done right to my kind of doneness, beef brisket cuts were decent. I’ll be back again for more 🙂

Meanwhile the mister had chicken rice and then we were off for some back to back wedding rated errands namely – getting our wedding bands / engagement ring resized & engraved. Do factor in time to get these done because it can take awhile! Our wedding bands from Poh Kim will take approx 2 weeks from today, while JannPaul gave us a timeline of 4-6 weeks. P.s rmb to ask them to help polish or clean up your diamonds to make them sparkling new again!

Dinner awaited the mister after that cos he was feeling hungry while I koped abit of his meal. Separately, since we were around the vicinity of our favourite bakery in Singapore, Johan Bakery at Shaw Isetan, we popped by to get their freshly baked bread! So happy that the pineapple and blueberry bread was available, freshly sliced and warm from the oven. Best eaten FRESH on the spot like what the mister did. He couldn’t resist just scoffing down a slice whole queuing. We’ve eaten this so many times and still rank it as one of the best breads we’ve tried to date. This round, I added on the Ginza Chocolate bread to try as well.

At the same time, you can also check out the other available stores at Isetan here too. Occasionally, they might even host these mini Japanese fairs if you want to eat some Japanese food and snacks 🙂

To end off the night, we had a quick date at Cafe De Muse for some bingsu ice cream. An expensive treat once in awhile where it cost $23 for this melon bingsu and we dropped a couple of balls because they fell off our spoon hahaa! Otherwise, this Saturday was a good day all in all.

Went home to watch some Netflix anime, have more fruits, tried the chocolate bread and it was a great rest for this weekend. Sunday awaits~


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