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#OfficeDiaries: Day 4 of APAC F&B Expo (May) – 5 May 2024

#OfficeDiaries Day 4 of APAC F&B Expo (May) - 5 May 2024

Our final day begins and the mkt team duties start later than usual while the men handled the morning matters where 1000 Papazao walkers walked from Bedok Reservoir to the venue, and all final batches of community centre arrived.

Slight repeat of photos but our tummies were quite filled today with homecooked fried rice from one of our part timers, wagyu beef slices from my colleague and kagome fruit juice from Cat! The wifey also took time out of her crazy busy schedule to drop by and Im so thankful! She also passed me a drink and some snacks .. while I had lunch of nasi lemak and the chef also passed us some gulourou as I requested!

We celebrated our exhibitors during this show with a mini award ceremony to award them with a few prizes namely – Best Decorated / Most Popular / Best Food Award and it was a pleasure to acknowledge them accordingly. Additionally, some of them also proudly displayed their trophy at their stalls so that was really nice!

Our final grand lucky draw also took place right after that too and the turnout was pretty good. Happy.. it worked and we didnt have any leftover prizes to bring home after that phew hahaha!

Our marketing duties after that was DONE and we could finally destress, do shopping and eat at our leisure.

Also went to do a random fun Tiktok video even though it was a little late. Its ok la..we need to destress: https://www.facebook.com/share/v/XmN6uB47GKLUqZZV/?mibextid=qi2Omg

And the show draws to a close..its time for a mini celebration and thanks to the entire team from the core members to our part timers – EVERYONE contributed to the success of this event and should be recognised. Even though its not much, but I feel that when people feel appreciated, at least they go home happy and not feel like its just all about money. We are all humans and its just a nice touch 🙂

Not forgetting birthdays too! Birthdays are important to me and we have a birthday boy and girl this May. So lets quickly celebrate it too!

More importantly, photo taking to capture these moments in time with the team, core team and my little group of marketing girls. Without every single one of these people, this event wouldnt be able to run / function.

Above all, we are done and dusted with the first event in this new co. Its a wrap 🙂

For now!

And time for a long deserved break!

Also a huge thanks to the mister for tirelessly sending me home daily no matter how late, my mom for her moral support, and vendors / friends who supported our event. Im thankful, grateful and blessed!


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