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#OfficeDiaries: Day 2 of APAC F&B Expo (May) – 3 May 2024

#OfficeDiaries Day 2 of APAC F&B Expo (May) - 3 May 2024

We officially move into Day 2 and the usual busy matters awaits. Thankful for the crowd turnout and the queues – it made our day complete.

A spot of fun i had on this day: dressing up in a hanbok after spotting Cat being dressed in one too for her emcee duties!

Watch some of our reels here:

Featuring the BTS items and the K Avenue Grocery Store

All hanboks provided by ourlin hanbok from Korea!

Some of my ex colleagues came by to visit and say hi as well! Plus other photos throughout the day with our chef / with the hanbok designer!

Then I totally forgot we had a Kaplan Industry Visit that afternoon while I was wearing the hanbok and ended up helping to host while dressed in it.

This is a slight b2b element we added into the event that was only made possible thanks to Alvin who collaborated with me on this. So thankful for the sign ups and the interested students who stuck around after that to ask more questions and get photos 🙂 Some of them even came back over the weekend with their friends and partners!

To end off that night is our first livestream with Cat and her mystery friend! We loaned the hanboks once again and this was a really fun element to add to the livestream indeed 🙂

What I also love about this livestream is having the opportunity to shine a spotlight on the less popular exhibitors to the public eye and show how much fun you can have here 🙂

Its always a joy working with Cat!

Rewatch the replay here:

Meanwhile, Day 3 awaits..


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