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#WeekendsWithMitsueki: New Nails x Boutique Fairs x My Fave Things x SHEIN Loots – 27 April 2024

#WeekendsWithMitsueki New Nails x Boutique Fairs x My Fave Things x SHEIN Loots - 27 April 2024

It may be a busy week but this weekend, or at least half of my Saturday is dedicated to ME and fun stuff.

First up – getting my nails done at my usual nails place. And yes I’m kinda decking it out for my event because vain yeah hahaha. I used my basic package where I could only choose 2 colors; luckily she helped me to add some bling bling as requested. Sadly, they both fell off within a day cos she was utilising a new glue (unfortunately doesn’t work on me!).

Next up, I thought I wouldn’t have the time to head to one of my fave fairs to visit but we made time for it! This round, they offered free shuttle buses to the venue which is a godsend because today was HOT! The queue however, was not fun, prepare to wait around 30 mins tho the bus does come regularly!

And then we were in at the Boutique Fairs located at the F1 Paddock Club! Generally they have 2-3 editions yearly and it’s a ticketed event priced at $6. I don’t usually buy anything during the event as they are abit more upscale, but I really love the vibes of this farmers market like in air conditioning comfort – only found during this fair.

We spent around an hour plus or so walking through each room with the various themes and checking out the wares and items for sale from Indie brands, local and overseas designers / brands. Generally as mentioned, this is a relatively upmarket event so prices are definitely more expensive than your usual. Case in point? A lovely dress I was eyeing? It was $270, while the mesh bag was $180. Shoes are around $90 and above, so you can imagine.

The food items are a little on the upscale market but more pocket friendly phew. So you’ll see everyone walking around with their cuppas and such. I almost bought a couple of items here but I didn’t in the end.

After an afternoon of wandering around, its time to join the queues back to the shuttle bus. This is where we snacked abit, on the warobi mochi the mister got for me.. and my fave Hokkaido chocolate milk that he specially pre ordered for me from Meidi-Ya! So thankful for him for always thinking of me..

Oh and I picked up my fave cranberry mochi from my fave Japanese bakery at Millenia Walk as well. Dinner was then Donki for the mister and my fave bibimbap while we settled in to chillax, watch Shogun, X-Men, and other shows while I did abit of work at the same time.

My SHEIN loots also arrived and I went to try all 15 outfits that night lol! Sadly, half the loots didn’t make it..but fortunately we could return them and get a refund for free yay!


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