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#OfficeDiaries: Peanut Butter Addiction x Lunch Adventure x Ryans Kitchen Wagyu Beef Burger x My New sudio E3 – 23 April 2024

#OfficeDiaries Peanut Butter Addiction x Lunch Adventure x Ryans Kitchen Wagyu Beef Burger x My New sudio E3 - 23 April 2024

Good morning! I’m finally trying out the yummy crunchy peanut butter I bought from my (now) favourite peanut butter brand, Mayvers from Australia! It’s super crunchy and made with all that nutty goodness, I love it even though buying it costs more than buying other cheaper brands 🙂

I still prefer their dark roasted crunchy peanut butter version however. Hopefully I’ll find in Singapore eventually~

Next up, lunch time period awaits and I used this time to clean up my brows at Browhaus – not that you can really see much of a difference tbh lol! It makes me feel more pampered adding this to my beauty routine = clean eyebrows without stray hairs!

Since I was also at Plaza Singapura, I took this chance to purchase the misters favourite One Piece addiction, and some doughnuts to share with the team from Dunkin Donuts.

A busy then awaits .. however I’m glad to have made time for a dinner dare with the mister on this night at Ryan’s Kitchen over at Great World City!

They were having a special 1 for 1 offer on their wagyu beef burgers for $30 which was a great deal! Additionally, there was free water served and they even gave us complimentary non alcoholic beer on the house for each diner on this day 🙂

Fries were nice and crispy while the burger was not too bad. Of course it’s not the best burger we’ve tried however still a decent one for the price and portion! Went shopping around Meidi-Ya after that plus fruits :p

Came home that day where a media package from sudio arrived! I think this is my 5th or 6th sudio product to date and I am still loving their products 🙂

This round, I chose the latest sudio E3 in black, one of their new products – a hybrid active noise cancelling earbuds retailing at $159! You can quote <MITSUEKI15OFF> to enjoy 15% off all their products from now till 17 July, hence this would be priced at $135.15!

Tested it on the day itself when I received it to connect to my laptop to listen to music while I worked and I’m enjoying the noise cancelling features as I focus on my work stuff. I also like how compact the earphones are in this cute mini carrier case and will be testing out the mic feature during my upcoming radio interview this week!

P.s do you know that you can charge these earbuds wirelessly? And this is also available in cream which I wanted to get originally but it was OOS for the media drop 🙁

Nonetheless thanks sudio for sending it over! Remember to quote <MITSUEKI15OFF> to enjoy 15% off all products from now till 17 July – don’t say I never share 🙂


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