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#OfficeDiaries: Happy Birthday to The Fiance x Birthday Present Reveal – 16 April 2024

It’s a very important day today which also means definitely no OT for me! Knocked off work and rushed down immediately for dinner with the mister and his mom at Katsuya over at Tanjong Katong.

Funnily, this is actually our first date dinner place, just that they shifted from East Coast to this new place with an open kitchen table counter seating. Very similar to omakase style where you can see your katsu cutlets being prepared in front of you by the chef. For short people like me however, I couldn’t Peek over the counter unless I stand hahaa!!

The mister ordered the premium hokkaido pork tonkatsu while his mom and I went for hire, the less fatty version. It comes served with free flow rice sprinkled with plum flakes (I think) and freshly shredded cabbage (free flow too), alongside a single serving of pickles and miso soup.

The suggested method to eat is to sprinkle their himalayas pink sea salt on top of the tonkatsu meat, plus a touch of mustard before dipping into the tonkatsu sauce. I thought the meal was fine, not oily and done nicely, but just pricey to return again for another meal so soon. Meanwhile, the mister preferred his favourite Tonkatsu ENbiton as a personal preference.

Gotta thank his mom for treating both of us to this meal, hehe a perk I’m enjoying thanks to his birthday hahaa!

We went back after that to grab his present which I painstakingly carried down from my house to the car the night before..

.. and it’s time for a birthday celebration with cake and tart! This is a delicious pear tart his cousin sent over for his birthday and it was delicious!! The birthday cupcake was super cute too from Kazo and in case you were wondering..the bear and balloons are fake plastic stuff, not edible sugary fondant! Super cute nonetheless:)

Now this is what I’ve waited for months! After planning this surprise..and keeping mum about it, it’s finally revealed! His main birthday present – the dream PS5 on his wishlist! Completed with this One Piece PS5 sticker cover and controller sticker as well.

Here’s the after, after he stuck them all on. All his favourites – a red and black OP and his new white gear 5. I think he’s definitely a happy man for sure haha.

Meanwhile, fruits, jelly and work for me awaits while he happily spent the rest of the time setting it up and playing his games.

I’ve officially lost my fiance to the PS5 hahahaa


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