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#WeekendsWithMitsueki: 2D1N Carlton Hotel Birthday Staycay x Fat Cow x Wawa Lala Bee Hoon x Yat Ka Yan – 13 April 2024

#WeekendsWithMitsueki 2D1N Carlton Hotel Birthday Staycay x Fat Cow x Wawa Lala Bee Hoon x Yat Ka Yan - 13 April 2024

The misters birthday celebration begins this weekend starting off with an early birthday lunch at Fat Cow over at Camden Medical Centre! I made reservations in advance ($100 credit card hold amount) but it was relatively quiet if you do walk ins during lunch hour on a weekend.

The suggestion beforehand is to get your hands on the Tripleplus membership like what I did where I bought a one year subscription for around $43. This will net you huge savings if you dine frequently from their restaurant line ups which include Fat Cow, Bedrock and the like where you can get 1 for 1!

In this case, we went straight for their Fatcow Premium Donburi (21 Days Dry Aged Hida A5 Wagyu) for $158 per bowl. But since I had the 1 for 1 offer, I was paying $158 for 2 bowls instead which saved me $158 overall. This isn’t my first time eating this donburi bowl because the mister actually brought me here two years ago for my birthday. Unfortunately then he was recovering from covid where he lost his tastebuds and couldn’t enjoy the donburi properly. So I wanted to make sure he could try it now to enjoy what I did 🙂

And we definitely did enjoy this indulgence, complete with a complimentary birthday cake + ice cream as I indicated it during my reservation. The total bomb for this came up to $206 for the two bowls, no drinks and no other food inclusive so that was a pretty expensive bowl which we had to finish up every single grain of rice!

More importantly, it was all worth it to see the mister enjoying himself 🙂

Next up, our staycay awaits at Carlton Hotel where I won a 2D1N stay previously during the Christmas period. Naturally I was planning to use it during a special occasion like now and I’m so glad to be able to do so!

Only after surveying the surroundings and room did I slightly regret not choosing this as my wedding venue because I loved everything about it. From the location, to the entire look, feel of the place and the price point. Honestly the reason why we didn’t pick here is because of the minimum / maximum number of tables needed / allowed which didn’t fit what we were looking for. Otherwise everything is fantastic!

We had the king room which was nice and big and came with a lovely view. I also loved all the marble and etc which adds a nice touch of class to this 5 star hotel. Definitely a wonderful stay overall with a super comfy bed too!

The next thing on our planned date was to go for a movie, Ghostbusters! And we had a good time here before having dinner nearby at Wawa Lala Bee Hoon which I’ve always wanted to try. And so we did, rounding off an indulgent lunch with soupy food (at least for me)! I went for their lala soup with glass noodles and Chinese wine (spicy) and this was a great choice! Meanwhile he ordered the lala garlic butter spaghetti which was not too bad too. We also ordered the garlic butter toast which was okay but you can honestly give it a miss. Just go for their lala options and all is good! I would return again 🙂

The final stop for the night is at Yat Ka Yan, also another dessert place I’ve always wanted to try and it’s located within the same building! Don’t be put off by the long queue as it moves pretty fast and you can get a seat no worries. Since I was still slightly nursing a cough, this meant no heaty desserts for me so I went for their chrysanthemum jelly with osmanthus while the mister tried the orh ni.

Gosh no regrets because this was a really refreshing and cooling dessert that I would recommend. The mister tried it and also loved it. His orh ni was good too; so yeah we will definitely be back to try their other signature desserts including penang chendol, MSW puree and more!

Finally, it’s back to our hotel room to rest up for the night AND for the mister to hunt for his birthday present.

Of course what he didn’t know was that this is just a teaser preview of what I got for him this year. Yeah I splurged a little because it’s a special year and he did spend alot on me too! :p

For now, this happy man is happy with his OP Gear 5 themed presents that I got for him – a mixture of items from Shopee and the Mugiwara stores in Japan!

To end off the night, here’s our huat KFC matching nightwear, another complimentary birthday cake from Carlton Hotel (thank you for arranging this!) and cut fruits from the misters mom which she prepared for our staycay.

We are very lucky people indeed 🙂


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